What to do with a broody hen?

Mary Coleman

7 Years
Sep 22, 2012
North Eastern Oregon
Okay, so about three days ago my young black astralorp hen became broody! I decided to let her stay on her 'nest' (it's a tarp inside a tire so it makes kind of a bowl shape) anyways that is the popular place for my 9 other hens to lay. I tried to relocate her but she abandoned that nest and returned to the old one. So I cut out a hole in a box and placed the eggs in there. Well this worked for about a day and then she returned once again to the old nest. So now she is sitting in there with her ten eggs. What do I do? I already caught one of my silver laced hens laying in the australorp's nest while she was taking a break. Do I just leave her? I want her to hatch some baby chicks! 


6 Years
Apr 26, 2013
Move the tire nest with her and the eggs in it and replace it with another or confine her in a pen or a cage or a box or something so that she has food and water but isn't in with the other hens ( this isn't a time when they really want to be around others anyway) or can get to the old nesting spot. Depending on the hen and the time of year sometimes we just keep her inside altogether (with food and water) and let her out every couple of days if she wants to go.


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Bean-Station, Tennessee
My hen layed eggs under my roosts and my chickens kept pooping in her nest (the stubborn thing wouldn't use the nest boxes) So I had decided to take the eggs and put a brick in her nest. She finally decided to use the nest boxes.

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