What to do with a frantic crowing Roo-Hen?


7 Years
Sep 7, 2012
I have a 9 month old Lakenvelder hen who is a pretty consistent layer. However occasionally after a day when she does not lay she gets frantic and starts pacing and crowing. She will pace up and down the fence or inside the house. She jumps in and out of the nest box and is constantly clucking with an occasionally very rooster like crow. Has anyone else had this experience? I live in the city so crowing hens are a problem, especially in a quiet neighborhood.

She is a noisy hen in general and often "barks" when she wants out of her house or cannot find her friend. Her crowing/barking habit earned her the nickname, Roo-hen. That and it ruins/roohens sleeping in on Sundays. We sometimes put her in "time out" (the tub in the bathroom with the curtain shut) when she is being too noisy and that seems to help. Any suggestions are welcomed. I don't want to have to get rid of her for the noise issue.

This is the hen, Salt. Looking feisty after pecking the camera lens. Silly girl!

Having done a little more research it seems when breeders describe Lakenvelders as "active" they mean hysterical. The roosters are extra loud, possibly also the hens, and they are prone to panic attacks. I guess that explains Salt. I know what not to buy in the future. In the mean time, any suggestions on getting a loud chicken to use her inside voice?

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