what to do with a runt broiler chick????

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kristen_k, May 10, 2011.

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    I have 46 broilers that are 4 weeks old, unfortunatly I have lost 4. I have one chick that is not really growing. All the others are getting big and growing feathers. The little one (I mean really little) only has feathers on its wings and tail. I am feeding 22% protein and they all have plenty of room in the brooder house. This is my first year raising chickens and I don't know what to do with the runt. I have a co worker who raises chicks and she said that if I leave him with the others they will start pecking him and kill him. I havent noticed the others harming him yet, I am just scared i'm going to find him dead one of these mornings. I was wandering if you would recommend seperating him from the others, or would that stress him out??

    Thank you all!!

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    Kristen-your friend is kinda right. They may not peck and kill it but it will certainly get squished and stomped on as the other food hungry beasts et big real fast. Can you segregate it and feed it? this way its getting food on its own and not having to compete with the big birds??? Personally, I would cull it...If its that small its not going to grow at the normal rate and it has other issues internally preventing it to grow properly:( SOrry
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    Yes, if it is a broiler and not growing, culling it might be a good way to go, esp if it big enough to to make a snack of it as a game hen. Otherwise it is just wasting food and likely to end up as a brooder floor pancake. I had 3 runt in the last batch and they were 3 or the five lost so far. LOL, they keep telling me if I fall down in the pig pen the pigs will eat me, I am more worried right now about going into the brooder waggon for morning feeding, I swear if I fell down the meaties would pick me to the bones.

    Possible a leghorn or buff orp chick ended up in your broiler order, but should be able to tell the difference in the feet and feathering. If that was the case it would do well to get it away from the broilers.

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