What to do with all the roo's ?

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Mar 4, 2008
Disputanta, Va.
It's been three weeks since I hatched out 37 chicks. I now find myself with about 19 roosters. What in the world do you all do with all of the extra roo's ?

I'm having the same problem right now. So I'm taking a bunch to the local auction this Sat. I guess I will be doing that for the next few months. I have people wanting pullets only....

We eat any extras that we can't find homes for. Even if they are not usually a dual purpose breed they make awesome chicken stock!! Good luck figuring out what you are going to do.
Someone posted 5 banty roosters on Freecycle last week. They worded it that the roos were black and fly in tree well and they will eat all ticks out of your yard.

I emailed the person to tell her that I felt her pain and that I do have a neighbor who wants some to run around in the yard.

She emailed me back and said she was bombarded with emails. She said she wish she had more roos.

So you can try freecycle.

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