What to do with Bantam Cornish??

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Chickybaby, May 15, 2008.

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    [​IMG] I have been looking to buy some Dark Cornish in my local area. TA DA (I thought) when I found an ad for Dark Cornish chicks. I called the guy and he agreed to hold them until I could get there over the weekend. Got there, he pulled out the 5 I wanted, and "threw in" 2 extra for my son (he's 6, and went with me to pick up my "Mother's Day" present...) As I was putting them on my son's lap, the guy says to me "you knew these were little guys, right?" Well, being so excited about finally finding Dark Cornish, I said "yes". Thinking to myself - they were week old chicks, why wouldn't they be "little guys"? Okay, make a long story short, I now believe he meant BANTAMS! :eek: Never occurred to me to ask at the time - rookie mistake? I would've thought they would have been advertised as bantams, but they weren't and now I've got 7 beautiful little (and I do mean LITTLE!) chicks that I have no CLUE what to do with! No offense to those of you who are banty fans, but what does one do with them? I can't imagine they will ever get big enough to eat, and it would take a few more eggs than ususal to make breakfast. They are absolutely adorable, but can they be useful? I've got a plan for the space I have available, and it didn't include bantam cornish. Anybody got ideas? Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Sell'em or let them free range your property. They don't get very big, and they're still good looking chickens. I ended up with one myself and a rooster at that. He's blue laced red. I still think about eating him, but he wouldn't make much other than a snack. [​IMG]
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    friend use to have white cornish bantams. When grown, they are size of small cornish you buy in store. Good to eat but you won't feed a family--one/person or one/2 light eaters.

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