What to do with broody prone hen


May 17, 2017
Ulster Park
Hi everyone

I have a black australorpe that went broody maybe 4 or 5 times this year. She was hatched June 2017.
Going into her 2nd year of laying, will her broodiness decrease or will she just continue on?

I kept her in the broody buster (rabbit cage on top of bricks in the run) for 3 days each time. Eventually she would snap out of it but it seems the eggs just called to her time and time again.

I'm trying to decide if I should cull her? I keep chickens for eggs. When she is in the nest and broody she is very aggressive and it bothers the other girls who are trying to lay (there are 8 nest boxes, plenty for 15 hens).

Do you think someone might take her off my hands?


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May 3, 2009
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Once broody, always broody. Sometimes allowing them to raise a brood of chicks increases the time period between spells. Make it known that she is available in your state thread, and perhaps someone will give her a home.


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Jan 1, 2017
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I had this very same problem with a determined buff Orpington.

She was a delightful hen but broody back to back so many times and it was getting harder and harder to break her. Her health was declining.
I did not have the heart to cull her.

Finally I wrote a compelling ad posted it on craigslist. Within an hour I had three viable replies and chose a woman who’s goal was to grow her flock who it turned out, lived nearby. Although we loved her and still miss her we knew we made the best choice for her to live her best life.
The lady who took her let her hatch two broods this year. She’s been a great mama.


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Jan 2, 2017
Lake Pleasant, NY
Wish I could but have a full time
Job and a farm. My brothers house
Also burnt down a few weeks ago and he lost everything so letting him use my truck. If anything changes I’ll let you know as I would love to have her. Thanks


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Nov 27, 2012
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I had one this past spring summer.....let her hatch in March, she weaned at 4 weeks, laid a few eggs and proceeded to go broody another 7 times!! She spent as much time in the broody breaker crate as she did out of it. SMH. Was a PITA
I finally gave her away, was very glad the person who said they wanted her actually showed up to take her....cause she woulda been soup by now.

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