what to do with livestock during hurricane????

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  1. We have Fay approaching here, and I am totally stumped as to what to do. All my animals have a safe barn to ride out the storm in, is that good enough? I have been through the last 4 hurricanes and 1 tropical storm, but I had no animals at that time. I really have no where to take all of them....has anyone gone through a hurricane with livestock? What did you do?? [​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2008
    all my chickens have a barn also just hope it holds up and hope for the best and hold on..
  3. That is what I was thinking!! if it gets really bad out there, I was thinking of bringing all the babies (goats) and putting them in the laundry room....just because I have some orphans who don't always follow what the rest of the herd is doing, so they don't always keep themselves out of danger... My barn has been standing through all the other storms, so I am hoping it will last again, I check the structure periodically, and it is sound.
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    One suggestion emphasized around here after the last batch of huricanes is to ID your animals in case they get loose.
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    Just do the best you can with them. I hope you all make it through ok. [​IMG]
  6. Thanx! I am keeping my eye on it, I hope it just stays a tropical storm. I am about to get the back end of one of the bands....looks like it's going to be a doozie...will probably hit my area in the early mourning, hopefully the herd will stay put in the cozy barn [​IMG] I am going to leave the door open, I have decided, so if they need to seek shelter elsewhere, they can. I have gone between locking them all in to leaving the doors open so they can get out if needed, and I have settled on open, just because if something bad were to happen to the barn, I would feel horrible if I gave them no way to escape it. will let you all know how it goes tomorrow sometime! [​IMG]
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    Just wanted to say Good Luck, and I hope everyone remains unharmed.
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    Quote:All I can suggest is that you get you some very heavy duty tarps and tarp the whole coop area , just incase roof comes off . ( God forbit )
    Hubby has been getting vinyl tarps FREE at an advertizing company . The tarps are like 12x40's . and he has stored these tarps for situations like hurricanes , winter , etc.
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    Just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts. Hope you and all the animals will stay safe!

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