What to do with the flock when two are gone?


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
We lost one of our chickens on Sunday, she just died all of a sudden. The next day, one of our other chickens just disappeared. We put up flyers to get her back. But the other two, are still with us. One is a brooder, been sitting for about two weeks now. Ant Cleo seems to be on her own now. Is two too small for a flock? What do we do with the two we have now?

Greetings from Kansas, Juliet, and
! Great to have you with us! Sorry to hear about your recent chicken woes. Two is certainly the minimum number you should have. As long as the Cleo has some access to the one sitting on the nest I think she'll be fine. Good luck to you!
when your broody hatches her chicks you will have a flock again and only the lonely one will have to get introduced to them.
Well, we are waiting around for our Shakira to be returned to us, we put up flyers, and someone called but didn't leave a message. Hopefully she is returned this weekend. There is still hope. So far the two remaining are best buddies and inseparable. Thank you for the support, to go from 4 to 2 in 24 hours, was nothing less than tragic.


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