What to do with the runt?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by AlbionWood, Aug 15, 2011.

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    May 24, 2010
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    So in our batch of 18 CX, we had zero losses, but one runt. She injured a leg while still small - I think maybe about 3 weeks - but it just seemed to slow her down a bit, and the others didn't pick on her, so we let her carry on. For a long time her leg stuck out at an odd angle, as if it had been dislocated, but she still got around okay and could make it to the food and water, so we let her live. Now we have sent the others to Freezer Camp, but this one is too small - probably no more than 2 lbs live weight, at 9 weeks! The odd thing is, now her bad leg is back under her and she can stand normally, but still limps badly and doesn't walk around much at all. And feeding her is now a big pain. So, I know we should have just culled her weeks ago, and probably should do that now, but my wife has developed a strange attraction for this odd little bird... My question is, what are the chances that she will size up enough to be worth processing? If she's permanently stunted there's no point in keeping her around.
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    I like my runts crispy, not original recipe. She will always be off, never will catch back up completely. But that does not mean she will not be tasty.
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    I have to agree with RWD, she will make a nice cornish hen for two. [​IMG] Good luck.

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