What To Do With Unwanted Roosters?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by JatCat, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. JatCat

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    Mar 26, 2016
    Western Pennsylvania
    Let's say I ordered some Straight-Run chicks off of an online hatchery. 3 out of the 5 were cockerels. What could I do about those roosters?
  2. Chicken Girl1

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    Mar 3, 2015
  3. bobbi-j

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    Mar 15, 2010
    On the MN prairie.
    What are you able to do? Are you able to keep them where you live? (It would be wise to house them separately from your hens with that ratio, ,just to keep the hens from getting too stressed) If not, are you able and willing to eat them? Give them away? Honestly, in most places, it's hard to sell them for any amount. This is one of those things the people don't always consider before buying chicks, but really should. Especially if going with straight run....
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  4. Egghead_Jr

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    Oct 16, 2010
    NEK, VT
    I just lucked out! A person that picked up my extra cock bird said he'd take as many grown roosters I ever have and don't want. Perfect. We grill a bunch on culls at 12-14 weeks of age and roast a few around 6 months but still have more than I want to carry over winter for breeding. Made a batch of gumbo two weeks ago that came out great but others in the house didn't like the dark meat in it- said it was tough. So had to put an ad out for free cock bird due to two left and hens bare backs. From all this now have a contact for Chinese family that only want the medicine of roosters. Sometimes life really is good to me.

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