.what to expect? ee roo over these hens...


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Mar 24, 2011
Okay so the first three are due Friday, ther are from my red sex link hens and my easter egger roo, he's. Silver duckwong color.
What color chicks might be hatched? And how possible are some olive egg layers from this cross? Really don't care either way. But anxious to see chick colors.

The others are due week after next, more red sex link to my ee roo...plus my ee silver duckwing roo over my white leghorns....egg color produced from these chicks? Any thoughts on chick colors?
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With the EE it's really hard to say what the chicks will looks like, the color of the EE as they get older depends a lot on gender, but the chicks could be all assorted colors. The pullets should grow up to lay green eggs, but they wouldn't be Olive Egger type eggs, the sex links eggs just aren't a dark enough brown.

As for the white leghorn, your guess is as good as mine! Might be interesting though, all the chicks you'll get will be EE but some of them could have yellow shanks and lay white eggs.

Maybe someone who knows more about specific chicken genetics clarify
Red Sex Link x your EE = green and likely also brown egg laying Easter Eggers (no Olive Eggers) color will be very similar to a normal Easter Egger color. Females will look a lot like the one on the left here, however some may be solid white.


Males will be mostly white to pure white with red or golden colors on the shoulder, hackle, and saddle. Some will look like this -


Leghorn x EE will be white offspring who will lay light green or blue eggs.
Yaaay thanks for the replys....id take a yardful of hens, like that white and black one!!

Will combs help me tell who will lay what color? Will the white and brown layers have straight combs? But the pea combed chicks lay blue? How about ones that lay green...can they have either combs? I'm really excited about light green or blue eggs from the leghorns!! And a little darker green from the rsl chicks. All I'm aiming for is more eggs, but the thought of more colors is very exciting!
Color doesn't matter, the comb type can appear on either. But pea combs = green or blue eggs. Single combs = brown eggs.
Another question; will there be any sex linked traits in the chicks? I ask because I've lost some over the last few weeks. When I egg-topsied them I found exact chick coloration ( lil yellow chicks) but some had greyish (wet so could have been different. Color than grey) on top of head and shoulder areas. So was just wondering, since you said boys would be mostly white does thay mean yello chick=cockerel. And since it was said that the pullets would mostly be like the white and black one pictured, that the chicks with grey feathers mixed in would=pullets? Genetics boggles my mind.
They won't be sex-linked, however, you will be able to tell male apart from female when they feather out. Males will generally be white with red or gold in the shoulders, often with gray or black on the neck. Females won't have any red or gold on the shoulders. Because your Sex-Link carries dominant white, 50% of the offspring may be almost solid white, so that may throw you off with sexing them, as even females will appear that way. The best thing to do is post photos and ask the gender.
I and several others here are great at color-sexing Easter Eggers.
They are here...I'll post pics tomorrow. The one from my red sex link hens has a lil muff and beard showing.
I have more due next week too.
They will probably be some decent looking chicks. I beleive to get an olive egger you do this: Dark brown egg layer X EE, and the babies from that you cross back to a dark egg layer and the resulting babies will be olive egg layers.

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