What to expect this winter???

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    This year we bought 100 Golden Comet hens and have sold the eggs at our local farmers market. Right now we are getting 80-90 eggs per day! What kind of numbers should we expect this winter. We live in the Appalachian mountains at around 2800 feet elevation. We get moderate snowfall and have normal winter lows around 20 and highs in the 30s. Of course there are some days that are warmer and some colder...
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    You will have to develope your own hatchery constant based on your resources and the breed you use. Egg production will dip when temperature and wind chill drops but that drop can be reduced by moderating cold related stress and compensating with feed quantity and quality.
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    Drop in winter egg production has the most to do with day length. Do you plan on giving some type of lighting for part of the day and early evening???
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    My golden comets laid throughout the winter the same as they laid in summer WITHOUT a light source here in Wisconsin. As I'm sure you know, though, they really slow down their production their second year of laying. They were sweet calm birds and were such amazing layers, I'm hoping to get more next spring.
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    Quote:This. If you're wanting better winter production you'll need to put lights on a timer to extend the day. Most start the lights early in the a.m., around 4, to try to get 14 hours of light. Of course good quality feed, low stress (including weather stress and overcrowding issues) will also play a role.
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    I would say expect half and be happy if it is more...

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