What to feed chickens to lay more eggs.


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I have been giving my 7 girls a flake of alfalfa and they really seem to enjoy it. Anyone else try this for their birds? I give them Kale and Cabbage and the Kitchen scraps, as well as some cooked oatmeal on the really cold days. Oh, and cracked corn, they go nuts over the corn! This is all supplemental to their layer pellets and oyster shell.

Spoiled chickens!


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Yes, in regards to the light (my light comes on at 4am and off at 8am). They have been laying very very well all winter long (here in cold Michigan). 13 girls averaging 11 eggs per day. They are all young as well (they will be 1 year old in mid March). I feed a 16% layer and a 13 grain scratch. Lots of kitchen scraps as well. I keep scratch and oyster shells available at all times.


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I am really confused, so many suggestions on foods and light and pepper and all sorts of things, but I never noticed anyone asking or mentioning the type of hen the question was regarding.  I mean I have a dozen hens.  I can bank on 8 eggs per day, year round with an exception of moulting season....and mine happen to moult only once per year.  Now, I have four hens, their breeds tend to lay one egg every 3rd day.....But since Muffin lays pink eggs, I know she will lay two days in a row, one day off.  Her sister Mango, she lays green eggs and is spot on every other day.  My Orphingtons lay two days on, one day off....which is okay because I was informed by the breeder they tend to lay every other day.  The others tend to be about 300 eggs per year. 

Anyhow, if you are still curious, find out more about your breeds, they might be the correct ages for laying "prime", you might be feeding them correctly....but their breed might not be a daily layer.

Was thinking the same thing. I have a breed now that apparently stops laying over winter. Years ago had something else that didn't.

What breed the op is talking about may be more relevant than food or lights

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whats involve in installing a light timer ?

That depends upon what you have installed. If you just have lights plugged in via cords or extension cords then a timer like that used for Christmas lights could be used. If your lighting is hard-wired then there are small digital timers that can directly replace a light switch. Other than that there are your larger, industrial use 24-hours time clocks that could be wire into the circuit.

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well i was gonna run extension cords to coop in back yard and plug inside my house just wonderin how can i attach a timer to inside house so as not yo keep waking up at 4am to plug in cord for light


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Forgive my ignorance but what are chops?

CHOPS= Cracked Corn

We raise Ameraucanas, Silkies, Waterfowl and in our egg production field we have 25 ISA browns, 10 Plymouth Rocks, 12 RIR and 5 Cochins.

Our main feed is Hubbard KTA Gamebird Breeder 22%. It runs $12 per 50# bag....Everyday each yard gets a bowl or two of porridge... That is mainly the gamebird ration with some kelp meal, probiotic powder, ACV and BOSS mixed in....In the winter time this mixture gets some Nurse All powdered mil feed added for the additional fat and protein. In the winter they get a treat of scrambled eggs with alfalfa/ timothy pellets soaked and some jack mackerel mixed in 3-4 times per week. In the summer they are on pastures during the day and get worms at bedtime.
They get fresh water 2-3 times daily, and two days a week we add a dash of red cell to the water.....The production yard seem to produce an egg per bird per day with exception to August and September. The Waterfowl, Silkies and Ameraucanas are either all in or all out.

Also each house has a very small low watt light that is on from dusk til dawn. Our houses all have monitors in them, and if the birds get upset by something I can go into their houses without tripping over something or meeting a varmint in the dark....
Thats what works for us here in middle TN....:D

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