What to feed ducklings


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Apr 13, 2014
I have 6 ducklings (three are 2 weeks old and three are 1 week old). My farm supply store doesn't really carry duck food. I bought the non medicated chick starter that said it was also for ducklings and also some Gamebird/showbirds starting and growing. The gamebird/showbird says it's 24% protein. How long is that ok to give to them? I thought I read as they get older you should lower their protein. I am getting low on the non medicated starter and they are out of it at the store. I am wondering when I should switch them and to what or if I should just keep the Gamebird/snowbird food. The only other thing I saw at the store was Agrimaster chick starter/grower, but it doesn't say it is for ducklings. Is that ok to give them? Any advice would be great. I have read a lot about caring for ducklings but this is our first time and our store only seems to carry chicken feed.

Also I have the 3 younger separate from the 3 older because the older ones were really picking on the younger ones. Once they are 6 weeks and all move outside will they all get along or what is the best way to introduce them to each other?


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May 24, 2011
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Try this sticky. I am fortunate i can get duck starter, way easier. Most chicken starters unless they are broiler need added niacin as ducks have higher requirements.


As for agings, well usually i like to fence off young and gradually intro that way...


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