What to feed my 9 week old chicks


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Aug 8, 2008
Lake Como, Florida
They are on starter chick feed now and I feed them 1 can of corn every day. If I am out of corn, I give them a can of whatever is in my cabinet. My question is how long do I give them the starter crumbles feed? And what do I give them next? Do I switch them to layer next?

I think I will have to start giving them more corn soon. I have 20 chickens and 1 can of corn lasts for all of 15-20 seconds.

Also they do get let out to pick at my yard in the evenings.
They stay on starter/grower until around 20 weeks or when you get your first egg; then switch to layer feed. I would suggest when the time comes that you give layer pellets a try. Much less waste than crumbles.
You might try getting some fresh ears of corn instead of the can. Canned veggies are packed FULL of sodium (salt). If you have to feed canned, try getting the low sodium varieties.
Check out the top of the Feeding Time category for Buff Hooligan's treat chart. That'll give you some ideas on things they can have to supplement their regular feed.
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