What to feed my babies!?

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    Feb 17, 2016
    So here is my story! I'm 18 years old and just got my first job about 2 months ago at my local pet supply/ feed store. I love it! And at this time of year we get baby chicks. When they came in Friday February 12th I had already planned on getting a couple. I had everything prepared and I continually come back to this site when I have questions. I wound up getting 4 chicks.
    1 naked neck (S'mores)
    1 cuckoo Maran (Speckles)
    1 golden sex link ( Henry)
    1 dark Cornish (Sam)

    Anyways I have had then for almost a week and I have them on Purina medicated chick starter. I started reading. A thread about how bad Purina is and I got really scared for my girls. I live in Southern California, and I have searched locally for something like Blue Seal or Kent feeds. There isn't one within 500 miles of me. The feed store I work at is considered the best in our area and we only have
    Manna pro
    Nature wise
    And some organic chain under one of those brands.

    What should I be feeding my babies!?!? Please help!!

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    If the feed is marketed for chicks, it will be fine for chicks to eat it. I have never heard that Purina is bad for chicks but I haven never used it.

    All of the feeds you have listed are good, I wouldn't worry!

    (PS : This site is sponsored by Purina!)
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    Feb 17, 2016
    I saw it was sponsored by Purina, I was just reading a thread yesterday and a lot of people were highly against it. A couple said they felt bad because Purina sponsored the site, but that didn't change how they felt about it lol.
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    Of the 3 brands that you listed Purina, Manna Pro and Nutrena (Layena is Purina's layer feed and Nature Wise is Nutrena's "natural" line) your best bet is to go with either Purina or Manna Pro.
    Now if you can get Manna Pro's Gamebird/Showbird feed then you would be better off using that over all others that you listed.

    Here is a link to Manna Pro's Gamebird/Showbird feed.
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    X2 what Chris said. And your chicks will do just fine on Purina. I've raised a lot of healthy, happy chicks over the years on Purina chick starter because that is what is most available to me.
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