What to feed my new babies??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Nystra, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Ok so my light brahma went broody.. Figured what the heck why not throw some eggs under her. So she has her own along with a few from my Buff Orpington both fathered by my Americana Roo. I know theres chicks in the eggs cause one of my new americana hens is super ditzy jumped in on her and squished a egg. little chick half grown inside so I know for sure theres babies growing. If i'm correct in timing they are due to hatch around the 28th of this month give or take... But when they hatch I will be taking them away from momma and raising them inside in a brooder. Now my current chickens are all about one year old and hatchery chicks. So what do I feed the new babies? Medicated feed? or regular chick crumbles? and will they be ok to integrate with my current flock when they get older or no because they aren't vaccinated or anything? these will be our first babies of our own so we are very excited. I do want them to be as happy and healthy as I can so any or all pointers are appreciated!

    OH!!! and! how long after hatching should I remove any unhatched eggs?? I worry that my other hen might have laid a egg or two in there recently cause I came out and she was sitting on them for a hour or so then when I came back out the brahma was back on the clutch..
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    well when a baby is born they will be weak so they feed off the yolk. but you can start them off with just reg chick crumbles. as far as intergrating them into your current flock of course there will be problems becuase they mess up the pecking order. dont get involved unless it gets really outta hand. i have( 6) adult hens (6) 3 month chicks and (2) 1 month chick and (2) 3 month muscovy ducks that all live together. my adult hens will snap at the young ones and my 3 month ones will snap at the younger ones but noone gets hurt. As far as the other eggs that were layed later leave them if they are fertile and as long as your hen is broody. i dont add eggs to my broddy hen just cuz she is VERY protective of the eggs she sounds like a pitt bull if anyone comes into the hen house lol.
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