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  1. jandersmith

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Hi. We are newbies, and about 3 weeks ago we got 3 hens (I guess they are still pullets hatched July 2010). We have been reading online and books, but are still really unsure of what & how much to feed. We have given them feed we bought at the store (cracked corn, oats, etc.) that we were told to give them. We also give them veggies and fruit. I am not too sure how much feed they eat and how much spills. The one feeder doesn't look like they ever eat from it, but the other clearly has food out of it- but not sure if they are eating or flinging it. Now for the fruit and veggies they ravenously eat & take it from our hands. Does this mean they really like it? or does it mean that they are starving?
    Thank you so much for your advice! We really want to make them happy!
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    I would go to the feed store and ask for unmedicated starter or grower. Then when they start laying, finish whatever you have of the starter/grower and the next time you buy feed, buy layer pellets.

    The stuff you are feeding them sounds like scratch grains which are good as a snack, especially in the winter.
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    Yes they'll generally mob you and act like a bunch of rabid critters when you appear with yummy treats! [​IMG] Do get them some starter/grower and just leave it out in the feeder, they'll eat what they need. You can toss out a few handfuls of the scratch grain you have as a treat each day. I would also put out some grit for them and oyster shell when they get ready to lay.
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    Just buy Chick starter ( I realize that they are no longer chicks but that is what you feed tham until they start to lay). Purina produces a chick starter called Start and Grow, for example. As long as you're seeing one of the feeders going down, you're fine. Most likely some is spilling but it is spilling because they are eating. And it is no surprise that they are only eating out of one feeder - chickens do silly things like that.

    It is totally normal for chickens to go crazy for table scraps - even if they have just eaten they always have room for a piece of bread![​IMG] You can also give them corn and oats as treat, but don't make that their sole ration. If you are giving corn or oats, be sure to give them grit, so that they can digest the hard grains.

    Also, the food might not go down as much as you think it should because they are eating grass outside.
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    Sep 22, 2010
    Thank you all so much. Your help is so appreciated. We are in a very urban neighborhood outside of Phila, so there isn't many resources. We are loving them so far- cant wait till they are laying!

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