What to feed?


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Looking for new recommendations as to what to feed to my ducks to make sure they get the vitamins and minerals they need!
My "feed store" seems very limited but I can travel around to find the right stuff. Currently I have been getting them a hen scratch mix and duck grower. The scratch concerns me that they wouldn't get the vitamins like niacin and the Grower concerns me because I am wanting to maintain adult ducks.
I feed mine a Game Bird feed called Black Rooster. But any good quality Game bird will work just check the tag and see if it has what you need. Free range if you can but they will plow an acre a day looking for grubs LOL
There are a few options, you can use a chicken grower, a layer(i don't as i keep drakes) there are all flocks/flock raisers and duck growers. Scratch is just a treat not a complete feed, i actually don't give any to my ducks, other than a splatter for the calls to pick away at since their penned.

I use a grower with mine and have whole corn, oats and BOSS, plus they free range many acres.

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