what to look for in rooster behavior


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May 26, 2009
NE Ohio
when do roosters start getting aggressive and acting like roosters? At what age generally, I have the buff orphingtons and silkies and they seem to be getting a little more aggressive toward each other lately. they are 6 and 7 weeks old approx.


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May 20, 2008
I think, unfortunately, the answer to the question is.. it all depends.
I had some that hatched out, and on day one you just knew it was a rooster. I had another that until I actually watched it crow, I wasn't sure.
I've watched hens do chest bumping, and even feet-flying kicks.
I think yours are getting to the age where rooster behaviour may start becoming more pronounced, but there are many times when the pecking order is challenged, and those at the top, whether male or female, will fight for their place.


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Mar 30, 2009
My rooster is 4 months old. Although we did not intend to have a rooster, we have really enjoyed having him. He is just now starting to bite the hens on the necks and try to stand on them. We have 4 hens. The hens don't seem to be seriously injured. No bleeding, just some loose feathers.

I am somewhat worried about my girls who are 4 and 6. The rooster hasn't tried to bite them. They hold the chickens pretty much every day.

How does a rooster let us know to back off? He does do a little sideways dance and fluff his feathers at me every now and then. It bothers me for some reason, so when he does it, I hold him and talk to him until he is quiet.

Is this sideways dance a pre-aggression dance? Is picking him up rewarding him for it? Or is it teaching him to calm down?

Any rooster whisperers out there who can help me? These are our first chickens so I can't read them well yet.

Thanks so much!



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Jun 16, 2009
tienchinho, I think you are doing everything right, from what I've read on here. Although I have no rooster experience myself, I have read that allowing the rooster to do the dance in front of you without interrupting it is not good. It may lead to a dominance issue in the future. From what I've read from rooster gurus on this site, is that when a roo starts to do the dance, just disrupt it somehow. Picking him up is perfect if it works for you. Good luck with him!

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