What to look out for when candling eggs?

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  1. Matt98

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    Jul 25, 2014
    I dont know what the problem is, but when I candle my eggs I can't see anything inside, well anything distinguishable. I started with 7 eggs under my broody orp, and I have only four left, and there is still ten days to go til hatch :/ Two of the eggs were crushed sadly, one went missing and then reappeared stone cold on the floor of the shed two days later:/ When I candle the eggs I can't see any chick out line, any beating heart nothing. In some its just all a big black blob, no outline or edges or anything :/ Yet I know that two of the three eggs no longer living had chicks inside :( Any advice on candling? I dont know why it isn't working for me...

  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I don't see a lot either but I've had the best luck using a small but powerful LED flashlight with the lens removed so the egg sits down in the cup and do it in complete darkness.
    Most of my eggs are really dark and sometimes I can only see the airpocket. If it's all dark except that, I assume the embryo is taking up the space.
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    On the 8th I candled the eggs in my incubator that were 7 days incubating. I have never in my life seen the embryos dancing in the shells. I don't know what stage of development they are at but most of the 39 eggs had something fluttering in them. My led flashlight has 101 lumens and I couldn't find a small ended flashlight that was stronger. I plan on getting one of those that plug into the wall at some point because it is a pain and a half to have to change batteries before you are done candling.

    How many times have you done candling? Not for, like one clutch but how many clutches have you candled? I used a regular flashlight at first and couldn't see anything. Then I got a small regular led flashlight and could see the air sacks and later a dark center and clear at the bottom, later after that all I could see was the air sack and the rest of the egg would be completely dark. It wasn't until I got the better flashlight that I could see veining and then this time the fluttering. I was sooo excited to see the fluttering!
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    Duracell has a 500 lumen led flashlight. I'd only gotten such intensity before using a halide work light with a box over it and hole cut out to place eggs on. It's a great light and with flashlights easy to put a toilet paper roll over the end for soft egg seating. All round excellent flashlight that is sold in two pack, one for the car and one for home. Has three settings by pushing on button repeatedly, 250 lumen, 500 lumen and a 500 lumen strobe. The strobe would disorient anybody or anything if shown in eyes.

    This link is to amazon but purchased my two pack flashlight set at Costco for less.


    I'm in love with this flashlight but in reality I've used far less powerful and been able to see some with veining after 10 days and the difference of indeterminable growth or a clear egg is evident. If you can monitor the egg sac growth for adjustment of humidity and toss clear eggs after 10 days and quttiers at 18 days then that's about all anyone needs.

  5. Sylviaanne

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    How much did they cost? How long do the batteries last? Think they have them at Sam's? I don't know of a Costco anywhere close.
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    Jul 14, 2014
    [​IMG][/IMG]:( Any advice on candling? I dont know why it isn't working for me...[/quote]

    As many Lumens as possible? My little light is 600 and I have medium brown eggs.
    When I tested a white store egg I saw every nuance of the shell and when I peeked at my darkest egg it all came thru...( I use a cut-off funnel on light and only need thumb and index to block leaking light)...hope it something as simple as 'power'...?
    Mine cost me $3.84 off eBay...
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  7. HugHess

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    Jul 14, 2014
    The strobe would disorient anybody or anything if shown in the eyes.

    X2! LOL...I wasn't paying attention and tried to look down at my cat, who decided it was time to claw her way up my leg...I temporarily blinded myself!!! If it hadn't hurt I would have laughed my behind off for doin' it to mySELF!
    Caveat...DO NOT look in there :0... I'm almost positive my vision acuity dropped a few notches after that? Still bugging me.
    A-Derh, with two extra Duhs for good measure.

  8. Cheryl1948

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    Aug 13, 2013
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    There are several really good videos on YouTube demonstrating how to candle eggs. I have 14 hens, no roosters. This is the 4th time in her first year that my little Buff, Rachael, has gone broody. So, I got 6 eggs from a friend to place under her and see if we could hatch some chicks. After watching those videos I knew exactly what I was looking for at day 7. She had already destroyed one of the eggs and was working on a second one. She knew they weren't fertile. After candling, I could see only two were fertile and I removed all but two. I ordered a little candler from My Pet Chicken, but you can use a small LED flashlight in a dark room. I could see the 'eye' with veins and there was a lot of movement. It is amazing to see that's for sure, because you know there is a little live growing chick in there!

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