what to paint the walls of the coop with..?

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  1. chartssss34

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    Sep 6, 2010
    I am in the process of converting an old building in my farm to a 4 seperate indoor and outdoor run for 4 different breeds of chicken...Large brahma, light sussex, polish and cochins
    all of the indoors are concrete base and i am now about to paint the inside walls of the coop? i have had suggestions that I have to paint it with quick lime mixed with water and some bleacher in the mix...

    is that correct?

    i will be posting the pics of the coop in 2 weeks time...25th of september is when the new flock arrives...i already have the light sussex in the coop...brahma cochin and polishes are on the way...cant wait and thanks for all the help
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    Quote:I understand what you wrote to mean that the walls and floor are all concrete. If that's correct you're super-lucky, and I envy you, and I am too jealous of both you and your chicken house to give you any help. So there!

    Oh, what the heck... Okay! I'd paint it with the highest gloss concrete paint that I could find. That will make it fast/easy to clean with a hose once you remove the old bedding.
  3. chartssss34

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    Sep 6, 2010
    Thank you for the kind reply...

    I full concrete walls and floor... I have 16x11 feet for the light sussex (17 hens 2 cocks)
    11x5 feet for 7 polish hens and 1 cock
    11x7 feet for 7 cochin hens and 1 cock

    15x6 feet for 7 brahmas and 1 cock...

    this is their inside space....

    and the runs are light sussex runs is about 12x23 feet
    about 16x7 for the polish
    12x 16 for the cochins

    and 13x16 for the brahmas...

    all breeds seperate from each other...and outside runs are covered with hardwire netting...

    i decided to use quicklime with bleach to paint the inside walls as it kills all the germs...

    i use shavings as my bedding material anyways...soon i will be posting all the pics
  4. OliviaDeHav

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Quote:Can you go over it with a HIGH gloss??? It will make is sooo easy to hose down.... oh my goodness! where are my manners! [​IMG]
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    We used latex paint on the panelling . Normally you can get it on sale when the stores get rid of mixed stock that didn't suit the customer. We didn't bother painting the concrete floor and 4' walls becqause we use food-grade DE in the bedding and the walls are continuously treated.
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  6. joebryant

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    Dang, now I'm really jealous. What a lot of lucky chickens.


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