What to put in my Button (chinese) quail cage/pen

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They like some fake foliage, some hidey holes like over turned flower pots with a mouse hole cut into them so they can hide and lay.

You might want to ask questions about your quail in our quail section. Lots of quail owners there that have all kinds of great ideas...https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/48/quail

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I am just now about to hatch my first button quail eggs. the brooder is all set. I have a question about adult housing. I am having a custom cage built that will have plexiglass about 8-10 inches from the floor- with a removable drawer on the bottom. It will have a few inches of hardwire cloth and a removable lid made of hardwire cloth- now I am thinking maybe top should be window screen material. I also want a second enclosure, but would love to have a couple of button quail in an aquarium. I have the old aquarium- a 20 gallon long. I am planning to cover the back and two sides (on the outside) with a solid color - like that sticky cupboard liner. I wonder if drilling a few holes on each side and the back with say a 1/2 inch diamond head hole saw and cover them with hardwire - would that give the quail enough oxygenation and alleviate humidity in the aquarium? Good idea? Bad idea? Any idea?
Sorry I know nothing about Quail but scroll through the Forums at top of page and you will come to the Quail forum . You can post your questions there.

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