what to use to clean cut on ducks beak?


Apr 16, 2020
I'm sorry I can't get a good pic since its night now, he had the 'cut' this morning but it didnt look bad and wasnt bleeding until just now(one of the others stepped on him and opened the wound when I was moving them back to their cage) it appears to be from possibly wedging his beak in the cage? since it's a straight mark that looks like he pulled back trying to get free(I'll take a better pic tomorrow)
I dont remember what I used to use to clean wounds, I think hydrogen peroxide, but I wanted to ask here since I now have access to the internet and what's best for them. I also have wound 'glue'(pictured) that I'm going to put over it after its cleaned(unless you think itd be best not to).
and considering hes the smallest of them and gets easily stepped on(even though hes the same age) I think I'll have to seperate him so they dont reopen it :(
I'm guessing hes just small from being a snowy mallard? because they always have food and supplements and the others dont appear to pick on him.

anyways, tldr: what's best to clean the wound and should I apply the wound collagen after or let it breathe?


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Isaac 0

6 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Rubbing alcohol is not the best for wounds.

The cut is minor, but if you want, wash it with some saline, and apply either some Neosporin or a poultry antibacterial spray to it. ( The one in the picture looks good)

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