What to use to divide dog run in half for silkies

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    I just put up an extra large dog run kennel and attached it to my chicken coop. I want to divide the run in half and have separate entrances from the coop so I can separate my blue/black/splash silkies from my buff silkies. I also need the divider to either have a door or be able to step over it myself and yet keep the silkies from jumping over it. What material should I use to make this outside divider?
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    You could simply get 1x2 welded wire (or 1/2x1 or 1x1), or build a wooden frame and cover with chicken wire. You could use clicken wire alone, but it's pretty flimsy. Most silkies won't hop a 30" height, but some will. I used to have a silkie roo who regularly roosted on a loose 4' tall fence wire.
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    I just put up a temporary wire wall (thick garden divider wire) but it is only 20 inches tall. It sounds like I may need something taller.
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    Lowes sells a plastic poultry fence that's 36" tall. That might work and you wouldn't cut yourself up installing it either. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I just bought some of that from the local TSC. While it's a little thicker than the wire stuff, I sure like it better. It's much easier to work with.

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