What to worm with during molt?


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Jan 8, 2017
I keep reading not to use safe-guard. I didn't realize this and just bought it with plans to deworm my whole flock. I know at least one bird has worms because I have visually seen them in poo. But, not sure which one. Or if several have them that have worms. Should I just skip giving the one in a full molt the safe-guard and worm the rest? Or is there another product that is recommended for those in molt?
Looks like round worm. Thanks.
The -zoles will cause feather damage, that's why they say not to use during molt. Includes Safe Guard, Valbazen, and oxfendazole. Now, how bad the damage is, I don't know. I've seen pictures where it's just a line of damage in each feather; if I wasn't showing and really needed to deworm, I probably wouldn't worry about it. However, if it *really* damages feathers severely, it would give me pause.

I wonder if levamisole is different? You can get that online.

There's Wazine, but that only targets roundworms and personally, I prefer not to use it (never have). If you know you have a severe roundworm load, I wouldn't use it as it kills them rapidly.

There's always Ivermectin, but the problem is it seems like it's not very effective in poultry. I suppose you could try it, and then run a fecal to see if it worked.

@casportpony - ideas?
It's true that wormers in the same class safeguard can cause fret marks in feathers and should be avoided if that concerns you. Lots of peafowl people use both fenbendazole (Safeguard) and albendazole (Valbazen) during molt and don't experiences any issue, myself included.

For large roundworms, one could try ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, piperazine, or levamisole.
Fret marks don't concern me as my birds aren't show birds. I was just concerned that the feathers would not grow back in? I dosed with ivermectin about a month ago for what I thought was scaly leg mites. I saw some worms then. But, now I am thinking it was just my feathered foot gal going into molt and her leg feathers were molting. She's the one in full molt at the moment.
Valbazen has no effect causing deformed feather regrowth during or after molt.
There is a vet that says all wormers in the benzimidazole class can cause feather damage. Another vet said there aren't any studies about albendazole and feather damage because albendazole hasn't been used as much as fenbendazole.
My very first wormer I ever used was wazine, then safeguard equine paste during a molt. My birds feathers regrew curled and ingrown toward their body.
I never had any problems using valbazen during molts. I stopped worming birds during molt anyway, just too much stress on them.
Currently I have 2 BR's that just started with a hard molt and I was able to worm them 10 days ago along with the others, lucky me lol.
They'll definitely grow in, yep. I'm about to use Valbazen on my lot, and my cock hasn't finished his molt entirely yet. Honestly, I don't care if his feathers end up kind of ugly, he's not going anywhere.
Ok. That's good to hear.

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