What traits to look for in a rooster?


7 Years
Mar 15, 2012
I have this rooster that my husband and I have fallen in love with! We plan on keeping a bantam rooster and a standard rooster anyway, and we have I think 7 to choose from. I promised my husband in the start we would eat the rejects :( . Anyway, the rooster we never thought we would like we do but we worry he will grow to be aggressive.
About him: he is a brown leghorn, about 8-9 weeks old, and has always been the least friendly of my chickens. He was the first to start crowing around 5 weeks old, and he has also been mating with the pullets since this age. He crows all day long, not sure if he will grow out of that but I dont mind it right now. He is confrontational with the other suspected roosters because he is top dog. When my dog barks at the run fence he will literally attack my dog through the fence, pecking and clawing- the other roosters do not confront anything like this. He is always looking out for his ladies and leads the way out of the coop every morning. He stays away from all us people, and has never shown signs of aggression toward us yet.

We like this guy because he is gorgeous, it would be a shame to eat him, and he is fun to watch. He has SO much personality. We just wonder if he could grow to be more aggressive than some of the other laid back Roos, because he is loud, confrontational, and mating often. We would love your thoughts on this! Thanks.
Forgot to post a picture of the gorgeous guy (pictures cant do him justice) and mention, he is getting huge! Much bigger than all the other chicks. Also, the reason this is an important decision is because we have a 16 month old daughter that likes to go in the run with me and throw scratch to the chickens. I don't want her getting attacked.

Don't have any answer as I am new to all of this also, but do have a comment and a couple of questions. First, yes, he's beautiful ! How soon do you need to decide? Is it possible to wait a bit and see if he settles a little? The experienced ones will answer I'm sure. I just wonder if he might turn out to be perfect when his hormones settle down a bit.
I guess we just need to decide by the time they all start crowing. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate that much crowing :p luckily they don't mind a little bit. He is the only one really crowing right now, although we do have some mystery crowers that only crow in the coop. I only know who the roosters are because of the mating and rooster dances.
I am not sure about his hormones settling down... Thats a great question!

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