What type of food should I give? (Newbie)


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Here are the parameters:
a. Two Dominique chickens (I don't have them yet)
b. Organic farm, health nuts
c. Price secondary, chicken health primary
d. City folk - My wife and I know nothing about chickens

Just so you know, we bought a farm five years ago, and recently thought it might be fun to have a few chickens.

I know this is subjective; people have different opinions, but I would think that everyone probably knows that brand X is the best. I only want to buy the best organic chicken feed. Only two chickens, anyway, maybe four, so how expensive could it be?

I don't know how much two chickens eat, but I have a hanging auto-feeder, so I guess I will just load it up once a week? I guess?
Hi & welcome to BYC.

If you are looking for organic food. You might want to see what is available in your area. Not every feedstore carries all the brands.
2-4 hens won't eat very much. You may want to think about how to store it. I have 4-5 hens usually and I can get only 50# bags. It can last for months. Fortunately I don't live in a hot, humid climate so it doesn't get bug infested or moldy. Ask if they carry smaller bags. I did after about 5 years and found out that they did carry flock-raiser & scratch in 25# bags
Prices vary, but I'm gonna guess organic will run about $25-$30 per bag. Non-organic is about $13-$16 per bag.

Good luck,


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