What type of netting?


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Dec 18, 2009
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Anyone know any good types of netting I can throw over my run. Its about 50x50. Also where i live we get about 10ft of snow a year so i'll need something that wont fall apart. I was thinking like something the pheasant pens use.
I bought deer netting from TSC. It's a 7' x 100' roll, so I'll have to cut it in half and stitch it together. Not sure how it'll hold up to snow, I plan to roll it up during the winter. The way the snow comes off our barn roof, I'd be afraid of the girls getting caught in an avalanche. I'm making them an indoor run for winter.
I made my own netting! I started pricing netting on line and it was pretty expensive so I bought some eye bolts and got a socket big enough that I could run them in with my drill and spaced them out every 6 inches then bought a bunch of 3/16 rope and wove a net making sure to weave it so it supports itself. I also used zip ties and tied everyother crossing to make sure my rope didn't shift in case it stretches. I went with the 6 inch spacing because a predator won't fly through it and it saved material . After 4 months you can still strum it like a guitar string and soon I will tarp it for the winter. Good luck

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