WHAT type of WATERER for Goslings?


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
There is no information I can find on what type of waterer for newly hatched goslings......

I have chick waterers but can't find if they make them for geese and don't know what to put out.

Do you put them out right when they hatch? I don't want to have them die from that drinking thing everyone is freaking out about right now. That's horrible!!

Is anyone using QuiK ChiK in their water V&E for their goslings??? Big feed store experts said they use it for theirs 7 days!
The medium size plastic ones that screw on the plastic base are fine to use when geese first hatch. The thing to remember about geese is they have to have water deep enough they can stick their beaks in all the way and blow out to clear them so they can breathe properly. Since they grow so fast they can't use these types of waterers very long at all. At around 2 1/2-3 weeks they are tall enough to drink out of a small bucket. I have never used anything in my goslings drinking water. Geese are quite hardy and alot of the stuff you use for chickens you should not use with geese. Don't always go by what your feed store says. Mine has given me very wrong advice when I was first starting out raising geese because alot of the staff know about ducks and chicks but not geese
I have one of those black rubber low feeders for horses that fits three two week goslings so far! They cannot tip it. I think I used a heavy low ceramic dish when they were tiny.

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