What was I thinking?


13 Years
May 4, 2008
Southern Illinois
I put turkey eggs in the incubator about 4 weeks ago and now they are hatching. This is not good. Anybody interested in Bourbon Red poults?
Yeah, I am thinking the same thing right about now. I have 4 poults in a brooder. What to do with them. I got all excited about turkeys, and now I am a little worried about where to put them.
Ok I will say the unacceptable and am kidding but by now they have way more meat and taste better than most quail or chukar. Eat them. NOOOOOOO. Mail them to me for the cost of the box and shipping.
You are an absolute glutton for punishment, aren't you???
I can't believe you said that! Not about eating them. Those babies feel really good to me too! I feel their little drumsticks and think... hmmmmmm... mmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmm!!!! Nah...
We did the same thing except with peafowl, We have a trio of white peachicks, and a pair of emerald spauldings that are going to need extra care this winter. It's not near as cold here as it is where you are but I'm really hoping ours don't end up in the living room roosting beside the fire place. lol

Steve in NC

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