What was wrong with my pullet?

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  1. whitehousefarm

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    Jun 27, 2011
    I just added 3 Australope pullets to my layers. They were reportedly 16 weeks old so no laying yet. One of them was much lighter in weight than the others and had a white comb (not fully developed) and white face where the others were bright red. I also noticed that her feet were deformed - toes going every which way. After only having her for 5 days, I found her laying on her side in the grass with the others pecking at her. I isolated her, fed and watered her and she seemed to rally. But, this morn she was dead in the coop. Im concerned that I might have gotten a diseased chicken. The 2 others seem very lively and fine as are my other chickens. Im pretty new to chickens, so if you have any advice, Im all ears!
  2. tammye

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    Mar 22, 2010
    sounds like she may have had some issues already and the stress of a new home may have been to much for her. Keep an eye for any signs of illness in the flock. you can give everyone some electrolyte solution in the water for a boost to help them fight off anything that may be brewing. did you keep the new hens separated from your flock for the recommened 4 weeks? before the introduction.

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