What were they thinking part 2 ....


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
Well a few of you saw the lovely blue kitchen cabinets that were in my house when we got here - well after getting them repainted and finally getting over the flu or what ever i had I started to paint the walls in the kitchen- this is the paper they had to go with the blue cabinets ....



I have already patched a few holes and got it ready to be painted -- this is also the same wallpaper that was in the bathroom - which got coverd up already and decorated in FROGS LOL

I will post pics of the walls after they are painted

Julie - are you going to paint over the wallpaper? Or strip it down first? I know stripping wallpaper is a real pain in the *** but it might be better in the long run to at least strip most of it off.

Although I have painted over wallpaper in the past. Curious to see how that comes out
Glad you're feeling better.
By the looks of the wall paper, there are lots of problems. Peeling and holes. Your walls won't look great if you don't strip the wall paper and repair the walls. If you do decide on not taking the paper down, please prime the walls before you paint. It'll be alot easier and walls will look better and the paint will adhere better. Good Luck, you sure are taking on alot!!
I buy and redo old homes for investments/rentals and I can, without a doubt say that if it was my home, I would take the time and trouble to peel off the old wallpaper. I even take the time when it's a rental because it makes such a difference in appearance.

Two reasons, if you paint over it you will always see the seams and anyplace it was torn or peeling - and - I've painted a room over wallpaper only to have the wallpaper start bubbling and falling off in places once it got soaked with paint.

It's sometimes a pain to remove wallpaper and sheetrock might get torn but you can replaster torn sheetrock and sand smooth and it will never be noticeable. I use a wall tiger to score up the paper and then spray with DIF wallpaper glue remover. Keep soaking/spraying/peeling till you get it all off. Don't tear dry areas, just keep spraying.

I'm disappointed that the Plantation home I just bought has paint over wallpaper. It was just recently done by a professional, at great expense, but you can see the seams where the paper was. And actually I really liked the antique hand-painted wall-paper that they were painting over (they didn't get to finish whole house and stopped half-way down hall). Now I have a really hard job ahead of me - getting painted over wallpaper off - now that one's really hard to do - just did that with one of the rent houses and practically tore the bathroom walls to pieces and ended up having to replaster most of them but it came out beautifully when it was all done.

Just don't want to see you finish painting, like I did, only to see soggy paper start bubbling up and realize you just wasted all your time and paint and now it's going to be really hard to get off.

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