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Last August my shoer told me he had a buyer for my good gelding, and I let him take him up to Apple Valley for a tryout, because I had known Steve for 25 years. After he had him up there two days and called me back and told me he wanted to keep the horse for himself and to make him a deal. I made a deal and suddenly quit hearing from him. Poof! Did not return calls, no one had seen him, no one knew where the horse was... WTH??? I had nothing to go on but spread the word and one of my friends that lives up there offered to do some investigation for me and put the word out face to face with people she knew, opening up her whole network for me... and Last week she found out where he was. The shoer had gotten thrown in jail and had asked his buddies to keep the horse for him until he got out. Well his "buddy" put my good gelding in a freaking RENT STRING and starved him down to nothing, wore his feet down to nubs and got him all chewed up by other horses. Here is what he looked like when Steve took him.

and here is how he looked when Dee Dee picked him up!!!!!

Terrible. Im sure you'll get him back in shape. I have a gorgeous big black TB gelding off the track that Id love to sell or lease into a good home, but this is exactly what Im worried about. Im so sorry you had to find him in this condition, but at least you did find him, and im sure in a month or two he'll be back to his old gorgeous self.

Looks like the kind of great riding horse that Id love to have. Good luck with him.
SO glad you FOUND him!!! I would also report this to the authorities as a stolen horse ... will add to whatever landed him in the clink in the first place. Then slap him and the rent string with a lawsuit for damages ... whatever it takes to bring him back to the health of the first photo. Strengthen your argument with the receipt of stolen property thing, animal cruelty, etc... that will at least put them on record somewhere. If not a lawsuit, I would certainly be in touch with law enforcement.

Oh, I'm so glad you got your boy back... what an ordeal! It must be such a relief. You'll have him back into good form in no time. What a treasure do you have in the friend who helped you!

Good luck to you!

edit: I just saw that you had made a deal with him... disregard the lawsuit and law enforcement, and just enjoy that you have him home
sorry about the rant
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But he didn't follow through with his end of the deal, regardless of why not, it's theft and should be prosecuted.

You were right on with your rant.

Glad that you got him back onthespot!!! He's beautiful!
Thank goodnes you found him! Good God!
Do you know the Fugly Horse of the Day website? Among other things, she publicly embarrasses and spreads the word about people in the horse world who are doing terrible things. I would send her your story and the pictures - she will happily look into this dirtbag's history and see what else he may have done - as well as warn others about him.
OMGosh, that turns my stomach..your poor boy
It is a good thing you had someone there that could help you figure this out. Wow, I bet he was glad to see you too! He is a beautiful boy!

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