What/Why is my 13 week old Roo pecking my ankles?


13 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Pilot Hill, CA
He's done it now 3 times. I did notice a little 'sideways walking' toward me a few days ago, but otherwise I don't even see it coming. I was opening the gate to the run and he pecked me from behind this morning, leaving a welt. Otherwise he seems friendly, allowing us to pick him up and hold him. I fear though if he is going to exhibit any aggressiveness like this as I have 3 small children that go in the chicken yard with me.
Mine are forever pecking my feet and legs. Anything like a freckle or a mole draws attention. He could just be investigating - I'm not sure it's a challenge at 13 weeks. My 12 week olds are still acting like goofy teenagers.
Right now, before it gets worse, cut you a switch to go in the coop with you and wear him out with it if he even looks like he's going to dance sideways. That won't guarantee that he won't go after the kids. It won't really hurt him, like a club would, but you can convince him you're top roo before he gets any older and more dangerous.
That is what I thought the first time it happened, he's just checking me out... but this morning, I'm pretty sure he did it for some rooster reason.
Oops! I posted the same time you did Jen! Thank you for the response. So it is an aggressive behavior. Okay, I will get a branch to take in with me. Is there anything else I should be watching for?
Facing you with his head down and neck rufff up means he's threatening you. The more thimes he gets away with it the more of a probablem he's likely to be. NEVER turn you back on him!
I realized I AM afraid of him!! LOL Got him as a 1 day old.... now spooked by him. They all follow me around out there, so it will be hard to not turn my back on him, but now I am definately watching him.

Thanks for the replies!
I have a ten week old roo that thinks he is hard (well i think he is a roo and so does he ) ...I have raised him by hand since day 1 and has never been with any other chickens ..in fact he was hatched by a duck

I never though that any chicken would get aggressive at that age or even at all if they know who is the boss .. He stands up tall all puffed up and tries to jump at me with both feet .. he even bites me when i put my hand in his cage to feed him and change the water ..(quite funny at this age imo ) Ive tried knocking him back a few times but he still thinks he is hard .. The weird thing with him though is when he has bit me once or stood up asking for a fight he is as soft as anything and flies up to my shoulder like a big softy

I think the key is to stand your ground and show them that you are top cockerel and you wont take any mess no matter how scarey he is or hard he bites ... if all else fails ..use a stick!!
I chased my RIR rooster around the yard with my flip-flop after he confronted me today. I'm so glad we have no neighbors! He'll do fine for about a week and then he has to challenge me. My advice...NEVER let the roo win. He has to know you mean business. Today he finally ran in his pen and I locked him in the rest of the day. Hope this helps...good luck!
My rooster tried to assert himself some time ago, but it was mild sneaking up behind me to peck my ankles. No flogging or anything massively scary.

I just turned around and stepped toward him, making him back up. Then I continued forward, following him for a few minutes while he kept turning toward me then away to move further away. When he faced me, I'd take a step.

I didn't chase him by running, I just forced him to keep going until he no longer wanted to face me off.

I also knock him off the hens if he mounts them while I'm in the run in close proximity. They're MY hens, not his; I am top of the pecking order in THIS flock. I don't whack him hard, I just push with a foot. (Two of my hens actually run towards me when Carl gets into his Gonna Get Some moods.)

He is quite a gentlemanly rooster, and he respects me. We're friends. I can't imagine being afraid of him.

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