What will breeding get me?

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    So, I finally hatched some of our mix breeds eggs. On Christmas Eve they hatched.

    So my questions are what the mix is called and what the pullets and cockerels would look like.

    1. RIR hen and Light Brahma roo

    2. RIR roo and Light Brahma hen

    3. RIR roo and Barred Plymouth Rock hen

    4. Light Brahma roo and Barred Plymouth Rock hen
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    RIRs carry gold, and Light Brahmas carry silver. If you have a silver rooster over a gold hen, those babies are sexlinked with silver hens (S) and gold/silver (S/s+) roosters (which can range in appearance from silver to yellow) Think Amberlinks.

    A red/gold rooster over a silver hen, on the other hand, will result in gold pullets (they'll be red) and gold/silver males. Think Cinnamon Queens and ISA browns.


    RIR rooster over Barred Rock hen will result in black females with traces of red feathering at the throat. Barring, like silver, is a sexlinked gene The boys will be barred, and have white spots on their heads as chicks. Think black sexlinks.


    Light Brahma Roo over Barred Rock will result in black hens and barred cockerels. Again, think black sexlinks.

    EDT'ed for pictures. And because the breed I was thinking as a colour example is called Amberlinks, not Delaware sexlinks. My mind's going.
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