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    I'm wondering what a Buff Orphington Roo with (1) Dixie Rainbow (2) Barred Rock (3) Light Brahma create color wise? is there any way to know this? I'm debating on rather to stick with the same breed for incubating or working on some of my mutt eggs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. [​IMG]
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    I am not familiar with the Dixie Rainbow. I think it is a type, not a breed, so they can be many different colors but I am not sure.

    The Buff Orp roo with a Barred Rock hen should produce black sex links. All the chicks should be black. The males will have a white spot on the head while the female should not. The adult males should look a lot like a Barred Rock roo, though their might be a some reddish color leak through. The adult females will theoretically be all black but in reality they will almost certainly have some red or buff around the neck.

    The Buff Orp roo with the Light Brahma should produce red sex links. The yellow chicks will be male and the red chicks will be female. The adult male will be colored a lot like the Light Brahma. The adult female will be reddish with a black tail and probably some black around the neck. I'm not sure how dark the red will be.

    If you hatch eggs from this roo out of the Barred Rock and the Light Brahma, you should get four different looking chicks that can all be sexed at hatch and some distinctly different looking adults.

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