what will eggs be?

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    I just had 3 eggs hatch. 1 egg was from leghorn, the other two were either from RIR or buff orpington. I have 2 roosters that could be papa----RIR or an Americauna. So far they look like a leghorn and 2 RIR's but I don't know for sure. At what point does the egg color change? Let's say they are all hens (my luck they are all roos)---will the leghorn continue to lay white eggs or could they mix to green or brown depending on dad? Same question for BO or RIR---could they switch to green eggs if it was the Americauna that fertilized?

    I have been sorting through the sexlink info and am only more confused. And genetics isn't my thing.

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    Well, if it's a hatchery Ameraucana, which I am guessing by the spelling, it's actually an Easter Egger roo (hatcheries don't have true Ameraucanas) so he could be carrying literally ANY egg shell color. So, it's going to be a wait and see game. If the RIR is the father, the chick that hatched from the white egg will likely lay brown eggs, and IF the EE daddy carries the blue egg gene, the chicks could lay anything from blue to varying shades of green, but if he doesn't carry the blue egg gene, you may never know who the daddy is...

    I know, I'm no help! [​IMG]

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