What would a Cornish cross Hen and RIR rooster offspring look like????

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It would look like a Sex-Link, but slightly beefy like a hatchery-quality Cornish. (and with a single comb)
When I done it they didnt produce sexlinks, the cornish cross hens that I used were excapees from a breeder house that coolected the eggs for hatching meatbirds, (not leghorn hens for eating eggs) after the hens were ready to be retired and sent to the processing house, the owner of the house said we could have the excapees if we could catch them and I bred them with all kinds of roos, ( RIR, BO, BA) and since they are dom white and didnt have silver genes, all of the chicks, males and females, were white with black dots, but did make very nice large birds when I raised them just like regular farm chickens and would have been EXCELLENT healthy meat birds.

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