What would be a good 6-month physical for hens?

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    Apr 16, 2008
    I have both dogs and cats, and chickens. I take my dogs/cats to the vet for their annual physical. Is there such a thing for chickens? My dogs/cats have their vaccinations. How about chickens? How about worms in chickens? I have found a Vet that handles chickens...my regular Vet doesn't. My girls are in great health, and I want to keep it that way. What do all of you do to keep your girls healthy?
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    Feb 24, 2007
    Personally, I leave well enough alone, with a few precautionary steps. First, look at their combs. In a 6 month old chicken, the deepness of the color of the comb is a general health indicator. Second, pick them up and examine for crawly bugs, gray crusty stuff at base of feathers, or inflamed skin or scales. This indicates lice or mites. Treat accordingly as described in detail on this forum. Third, put DE in their feed on a regular basis, and I've read, here, that apple cider vinegar in their water on a regular protects from worms if they are worm free to begin with.

    Spray their coop for bugs from time to time and keep bedding relatively clean considering that they poop everywhere both awake and asleep. Also keep bedding and nest boxes dry.

    If they look and act healthy, they probably are.
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    sounds like you have lots of $$$ lol i dont really know since im a new chicken mama!
  4. I would have them tested for the most dangerous poultry diseases at least annually and also vaccinate them as needed. Your vet could check their hemoglobin and make sure that they aren't anemic. I think it's a great idea. Ounce of prevention.....you know the rest!
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    I do nothing. If someone looks down or sick, then figure it out from there. For example pale combs, loss of weight, listlessness. Keep your flock closed and only bring in chicks hatched in incubators away from adults and you shouldn't bring in diseases. If you visit other birds, don't drag their stuff back with you so to say. They don't need to be tested for anything unless you want to sell/ship birds or have a certified stock for some reason. I don't vaccinate my birds for anything as mericks (one time vaccine) is not an issue here and cocci is something that they need to build an immunity for.
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    Apple cider vinegar in the water?..interesting...how much?..and how often please?...thanks, Wendy
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    ACV doesn't prevent worms.

    It does stimulate the immune system, so it is a good thing to give them a cap full in a gallon of water every now and them.
  8. TexasJoe

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    Mar 3, 2008
    plain yogurt to stimulate probiotics to aid in digestion

    pumpkin and apple cider vinegar (diluted in water) for deworming and to stimulate the immune system [​IMG]

    DE in food (1lb/50lbs feed) and throughout cage

    Sevin dust perimeter around cages, and applied inside cage and directly to birds on occasion

    wanzine, ivomec, emprinex...all used IF AND WHEN I get problems..which hasn't happened just yet (jinx!)

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