What would be a good Book?


12 Years
Sep 25, 2009
South Central PA
I am looking for a good book to buy to help in raising my chicks? I would love to find a good resource book that leans more towards a more "natural" way of raising my chicks. I am ordering Natural Goat Care for my goats and wanted something similar for my chickens.

Any advice?
I use " Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens" by Gail Damerow. I really like it. Amazon.com for a few bucks.
Something that is not always pointing to meds and vets unless it is absolutely necessary. Something with a more Holistic approach, but at the same time knows when meds/vets are needed. Somewhere in the middle without going to the extreme either way. KWIM

But I will look at any book you recommend. Hopefully my library will have it so that I may take a look at it before purchasing it to make sure it is the right fit.

Right now I have no experience with chickens. I have always loved them and wanted them, but never had them until now.

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