What would cause sudden death in a bottle baby?


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We have 3 bottle baby lambs that are about 3 1/2 weeks old. They are on Sav a lam and that's what they have been on since birth. They are bouncing around, playing, and VERY vocal. This morning when we went out to feed the biggest and oldest (by 3 days) was just laying in the yard dead. No visible signs of trauma, she didn't do a lot of kicking while she was laying there expiring, nothing, just dead. The other two are fine just as all 3 were when we went to bed last night. They have hay, feed pellets, and water available but still were drinking a good bit of milk while learning to nibble on their other food. THe only thing I noticed is that her tongue was slightly blue. I don't know if that's just from being dead awhile or a sign of something. The man we got them from said they had NOT had any shots, but we don't give ours any either. Any suggestions as to what may have caused this or what I need to do for the other 2 to prevent them from dying?
Thanks chatychick, that's what I was thinking also was the entero. The other two are 3 weeks old, when can I give them their cd/t shots, I got a bottle of it.
Thanks Kate. Since the mother's were not vaccinated prior to lambing, I was thinking it would be ok to go ahead and give it to them since they wouldn't already have the antibodies in their systems.
Yep you can give them the antitoxin now and their CD/T also at the same time... this way you cover your bases. I give CD/T at birth and then again at 3 weeks and then again at I believe 6 mths then they go on my schedule when every one gets theirs each year.
There is a difference in the toxoid and antitoxin...I keep antitoxin here all the time as it sure will help when they are a little off and not feeling good. I give it by mouth if I think something is going on. It wont hurt them, most places dont carry the antitoxin, I order mine from Jeffers.
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