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  1. Getting four new chicks in June to join my two sweet hens. I've noticed both of my girls are trying to sit on their (infertile) eggs and it makes me wonder: what would happen if I just slid the new babies under the hens when they arrive? Or is it not possible to fool Mother Nature?

    My girls are an EE and a BO. Pretty mellow. But I've read enough to know hens can go all Jekyll and Hyde when interlopers appear...so is this just wishful thinking? Getting a bit stressed at the thought of raising the new ones separately, especially since we will need to travel at about the 4-week stage.

    Thanks for any thoughts...
  2. dianaross77

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    If your hens were actually serious about being broody when the chicks arrive, it might be possible but you might not want to risk it with 2 hens that have never been mothers before. Most people who sneak chicks under a hen do it at night when the hen is sleeping on the nest. But that would depend on whether either of your hens are still broody when the chicks arrive and if you are willing to sit and spy for quite a while to make sure she accepts them, teaches them to eat and drink, and keeps them warm enough.
  3. Thanks, yeah, I was thinking I might have to camp out in the coop for a night, which might be a tough go. OTOH it would be great if it worked. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it with any success.
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    That really would be fabulous if they decided to mother them!
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    Just to be safe, don't put the chicks yet..
  6. The chicks don't arrive until June. Lots of time to think about it.[​IMG]
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    I just did this with my four hens and six chicks. Other than stealing chicks from each other and now raising them all in a big group they are doing just fine. I didn't even do it at night due to timing and my confidence that at least one of my hens would mother them. They are slightly over protective and really loud but seem to be good mothers. I didn't have any chicks that were rejected. Good luck.
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    Quote:That's great news to hear. I'm going to be doing this in May. What breed hens? Mine are EE.
  9. Speakup - did you do it right away when the chicks arrived? Tell me more!
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    I thought this was a great idea, too. I tried it last summer. I put a couple chicks in with a broody. She stood there listening to them peep- like she hadn't the faintest idea what to do!!!! I gave up quickly, because I didn't want to risk the chicks. That pitiful cheeping sound brings out the mother in me-but it sure didn't work that way with the chicken!! Give it a try- and keep us posted. Lets hope your chicken was smarter than mine! Enjoy!

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