What would the outcome be? (new to breeding)

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    I saw on another post someone was using a splash rooster with a black hen and created all blue chicks. Is this the case for all breeds? Or just the ones he was using? Im was curious because blue is my favorite color on any hen and thought I might be able to hatch a few myself. I have a splash araucana roo who is about 5 months old right now and I also have 3 black australorps pullets. I was curious, when they are fully grown would these two breeds be able to make blue babies?

    I also have an EE hen that lays a light green egg. Would I be able to breed her with the Araucana and get better green egg color out of the babies? Or since shes an EE, would her offspring produce anything from a brown, green, blue or pink egg?
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    Genes work the same on all breeds of chickens.

    Splash (BlBl) + Black (blbl) = 100% blue (Blbl)

    Assuming you mean a true araucana, and assuming the bird is homozygous for the blue eggshell gene (OO), then all the offspring will receive a copy.

    When paired with a green egg-laying EE, other genes come into play--the green comes from a tint that is applied as a coating to the top of a blue eggshell. There are many genes that affect this coating--lightening it, darkening it, etc. Depending on the specific ones the bird has, and whether she has one versus two copies of each, her offspring will, may or may not receive these, so how the green is or is not inherited is pretty undependable.

    She also carries at least one copy of O. So at least half her offspring will receive a copy. If she has two copies, all of them will inherit.
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    Thanks so much. I think I would be better off breeding the araucana and australorp. Yes he is a true araucana, I bought eggs from Gary(geareduplyn) and only had one survive. How could I tell if he is OO?

    Here are some pictures of him


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  4. havi

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    Right now he is missing his one tuff, one of his girls gets a little upset whenever he gets too close to her.
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    And he isn't rumpless. Aren't true Araucanas rumpless?
  6. havi

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    He's an araucana, just not show quality. Which I dont care about, I dont plan on showing him. But I do wish he was rumpless. [​IMG]

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