what would you do if you won the lottery or had 3 wishes

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    May 4, 2007
    here is some thing I thought to ask

    If you won the lottery for a unbelieveable amount of money what would you do with it?

    What if you had a genie and had 3 wishes what would you wish for AND NO YOU CAN'T WISH FOR UNLIMITED WISHES

    if 3 wishes

    I would wish for unlimited income, my bank account would never go down

    Then I would start by paying the bills of people no they woulod never know who it was, Then buy or maybe the word is build a shelter a massive shelter m... no kill shelter? so all the unwanted pets and any animal would have a place to go and none would ever starve or feel unwanted.

    next to cure all disease so we have no more. no cancer no defects not nothing but people would die of old age,

    This is tough it would be either peace or hungry I think if we had peace then there might not be hungry because everyone wouldget along then and share everything

    If I won the lottery that is easy I would be broke in a week helping all I can yes even my husband daughter, I know but if you woud give her things without having to do something this would serve no purpose so she would have to do to get.

    I would make sure my son was so he would not have to worry about any thing and yes even my mean sister maybe she would not be so mean if she had plenty of cash, next the sky is the limit as to helping poeple.

    Yup I would be broke oh yes I forgot I would move to a nice place to.


    When I was 15 I nearly took my life I had a hard life very hard I was teased by the lkids and beat up and my mother beat me for bad grade and my father called me stupid and dumb and a idiot and my sister thought I was to be a punching bag for her friends to see. I didn't have very many friends none really when I was young and at 15 I had enough one night I went upstairs and got my father's hunting gun a 35 marlin laoded and put it in my mouth oh how I wanted to put the trigger ters ran I wanted to end my tormenting I want to just be no more but I was spared now people think they are a coward no this is not true they are spared they have more to do in life that is all I found I had many to helop in my life and if I would of pulled the trigger that day then who would of been there for the poeple I have helped after that event.

    I kow things get bad and there is no light at the end of the tunnel you can see but there is one you just have to keep on walking you wil see it soon enough. I couldn't see it at first ut I did see it that was the important thing.

    Life is roguh and a simple act sometimes is all needed to help someone. it need not be life changing well it could be but I don't think so but to open a door or to helop someone with a package is good enough or to pay a bill it is not much but for some it would be a lot.

    This is what I would do if I had a lot of cash.

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    Apr 2, 2009
    azalia, indiana
    So glad you didn't [​IMG]

    DH & I always say if we win the lottery we want to pay off our family memeber's mortgages number 1. Then set up a charity to help families in secret. Just good families that are living modestly, making good choices but could use a little help, maybe appliances are old and unreliable, or a kid really does need braces to correct an overbite (as opposed to so many families that just stick their kids into braces, because that's the norm), maybe they can't afford for the kids to participate in something simple at school like band, choir or field trips but the kid would love that, you know, just simple little blessings that make a family smile and feel loved and normal.

    Selfishly, I'd have to say it would be wonderful to also renovate our 100+ year old farmhouse. We have an upstairs bathroom that has no working sink or shower and 1970's panelling on the walls of every room other than kitchen & 2 baths. Since it's the lotto, when the physical renovations were done it would be neat to refurnish the house in things that go together and aren't hand-me-downed from the 1960's too [​IMG]
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    Jun 20, 2009
    Rigby, Idaho
    # 1
    i would donate 1/2 of my money to the Chiari research foundation. its a brain malformation i have and there isnt much known about it

    #2 i would make sure my kids were taken care of.. set up trust funds for each

    #3 i would build a big enough facility to create a No kill shelter for ALL types of animals. and also set up a fund for free spays and nuters.

    that would make me happy!
  4. 3 wishes...
    1, fix my car
    2, pay my house off
    3, get a paid for education for my boys.


    Donate to Charities I believe REALLY need help. Mostly ones that help AMERICAN families who are forgotten about in an effort to fix every other countries poor. Help fund some local animal shelters.

    Again, pay off my house, my sisters house, my uncles house. Pretend I am Elvis and give away some cars to families in need, or maybe GAS cards to people struggling to put gas in their cars to go to work and still pay the bills. I would not just give people money. I would give things they needed. Sometimes its money yes... But if it were to pay for something, I would pay it. A lot of people around here, they get money for something, and then don't use it for that, because they've gone to so many people... conning... I know not everyone is like that... But there are too many people these days just looking for a free ride.

    I would open a soup kitchen. My dad worked for a soup kitchen when we lived in FL as a kid and it was amazing to see the people who would walk down the street for a free bowl of chili and bread when it was my dads week to cook. They'd not come empty handed either. They'd bring something, not money, but something they may have had but didnt need and someone else could use.

    I'd also build me the biggest chicken castle I could in my back yard. Build an organic garden and hire real people to plant, cultlivate and sell to low income families who do not buy fresh veggies, fruits, cuz its just cheaper to buy a prepped freezer meal, and they need to make their meager funds stretch.

    I would ALSO take a VACATION! Yup, a nice expensive vacation to Scotland. There is just something in me that goes... AAAHHHH when I hear/see Scot music/landscapes... I think it might be the little bit of Scot in me. I don't know. But it just does and I want to go. Its really the only place I want to see before I die.
  5. We were talking yesterday about the farm we would buy.
    As we are in a subdivision and not quite legal chicken keepers!

    Kids, family and travel. That is our big things for our lotery winnings.
  6. Kaitie09

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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    I would first get an accountant and investor. I would pay off my mom's mortgage and pay her back for my college education. I would then set up a plan so that I would never run out of money, so I would never have to work. I would buy a farm, and create a sanctuary/shelter for needy animals. I would hire unemployed people to work. I would set up a trust fund for 6 children (no idea how many I would actually have). I would try to be as green as possible, using solar panels/ wind turbines, and other energy saving things. I would take some of the money and invest in savings bonds and cds, so that I really could not lose money. I would donate to charities that I feel are important. Finally, I would just relax.
  7. LegginMF12

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    May 2, 2011
    Yucca Valley
    Win the Lottery: Pay off every bill I have. Set up a nice retirement fund. Buy some houses and set up accounts to take care of the ins and taxes for a few needy families I know. Donate to charities that help Americans.

    3 Wishes: Wish #1 to win the worlds largest ever Mega Millions lotto. Wish #2 to win the world largest ever Mega Millions lotto. Wish #3 to win the world largest ever Mega Millions lotto. Then I would continue with items listed above.

  8. Desirai

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    Oct 12, 2011
    if I won the lottery, I would use it to help my family first, then help others. [​IMG]

    for my wishes,
    I would wish to know what happened to my cats Spanelli and Houdini [​IMG]
    I would wish for my student loan debt to be paid off.
    I would wish for my family's debts to be paid off
  9. Boyd

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    Mar 14, 2009
    If I won a huge sum of $$ from the lottery I would......

    Buy up every abondoned house in Flint Mi and knock them down. The urban sprawl idea didn't work. It is now infested with leaches of society, and you best eliminate leaches by removing their habitat for proliferation.

    I would setup a non Profit foundation much like the salvation army for our state. The focus would be on Sobriety, work skills, morals and education.

    Then I would buy all sorts of heavy equipment to setup my land the way I want it and make sure the township doesn't impede my goals of a self sustainable lifestyle and move my family to the "compound" if they were willing... Yup, I'm a hippy like that.
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    Pay my bills

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