What would you do, they hatched and knocking other eggs all over!!


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Jul 14, 2009
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I have two more that just hatched and they are walking all around the bator. They are not dry yet, but are really knocking the other egs around and have turned over two of the pipped eggs so that the pipped side is down. Should I leave them alone, turn the pipped eggs back over, or take out the other two already hatched chicks? I already have two dry chicks in the brooder, so the brooder is ready to go. What would you do? Or am I concerned over nothing? Thanks.

No baby chicks play soccer with the eggs all the time. I would leave them alone. Glad all is going well.
Thanks. I wasn't sure if that was a problem or not. I figured playing "pool" with the other eggs was normal, but wasn't sure what I should do. They sure are waking up the "sleepers" though, the other eggs are hatching quickly. LOL
I'd suggest you get a bowl of vanilla ice cream, chop up some fruit of your choice and mix it in, then go chill for a while.

Seriously, I know hatching can be stressful, but the best thing is to leave them alone. Some people think that activity actually stimulates them to pip, zip, and join the fun. It really does not seem to hurt the hatch at all. You can do more damage by interfering than by leaving them alone.

If you open the incubator, you take the chance of shrink-wrapping the unhatched chicks, especially the ones that have pipped. It does not happen every time you open the incubator and one has pipped but I have done it so I know it can happen.
I'm sure everyones advice is correct and I'd follow it. But when I hatched my first and last hatch...until today I put in more eggs...the chicks knocked over an egg that was zipping half-way and it ended up face down. It immediately stopped zipping and I decided best to leave it alone...the next morning it was dead, still half-way zipped. I don't know if thats why, but i'd keep an eye on your little pippers.
They will be fine.....eggs don't need turned the last 3 days , doesn't hurt if they are....the hen turn them until they hatch, she does stop after xx many days.
Same thing here I have had piped/zipping chicks turned over by hatched chicks and they died. I never let this happen anymore I remove hatched chicks to brooder through my LG's windows.

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