What would you do with you and your flock/farm in a zombie apocalypse?


May 25, 2021
Not sure if this violates BYC guidelines but oh well.

I’m on season 8 of TWD and Ive watched many zombie movies of various ratings and I wonder how many homesteaders/farms would survive.

My question is now, what would YOU do to protect you and your farm in an apocalypse? Farm animals and crops give food and are therefore very valuable, but how would you go around fortifying your animals from zombies who like big animals and other people scavenging for food?

I think there are three viable options which are to protect what you have and stay put and protect, pack everything and go or just give up. What would you do with pets? Let them go? Train them to attack?

I think it’s a very complex and nuanced question, feel free for discussion!

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