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11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Madisonville, KY
Over fall break, next week, I am going to the flea market. Its the end of the season, and the animal people will have all of their left overs at lower prices. I would like to get a few ducklings (muscovy mostly) if they have them, but I'm not sure its wise. I have a silkie hen setting on eggs that will hatch the 25th of this month, but they will have a mama to keep them warm in the weather. When the ducklings are about 4 weeks old, they will have to go out. Will they be able to handle the cold weather, or should I refrain? I'm really wanting to get a few so they will lay in the summer next season, but not if they are going to suffer in the cold. Right now the days are in the 60's, but I'm not sure what they are going to be later on.
what i would do is if you really want to get some i would try to get some facilities made that you can keep them in a few weeks longer ducks start getting their feathers around 8 weeks i have that same problem i have duckies in the bator!!!! im have a hutch i rig so that i can have a heat lamp on them until they are about eight weeks old when they start getting their feathers and i would (if you are very determined to get them) put them in with a bunch of silkie friends so they can hundle together!

but i hate to have babies in the winter! thats just me tho some dont mind it!
I would love to keep them in the house longer, but my mom just has something against it. I MAY be able to convince her to let me keep them in the spare bedroom so she doesn't have to see them, smell them, ect. for 8 weeks.
I have an outdoor closet that I used to brood ducklings. It was February. The heat bulb was enough to keep them warm...and I am in Colorado...not Kentucky.
Good luck on the smell...

I had my five in the spare br for two weeks, then spare bathroom for the next two (used the bathtub so their water could just run down the drain). I moved mine to the garage at ~4 weeks. Put their reflector lamp on the kennel at night or if it was chilly in the day (this was back in June, but it was very chilly June). Then they moved out to the barn at ~8 weeks). My husband moved his car out of the garage after a week because he said it smelled duckey

They slept together in the kennel (used a dog crate for their "home"), still do and they still go in there to cuddle up if they want.
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