What would you do ??


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Feb 12, 2008
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I know this is prob in the wrong section but it has to do with flying squirrels

I am suposed to be buying 3 pairs of flying squirrels from some one i met on another forum for an extremly good price BUT they dont have any pics . i talked to them on the phone once about shipping and payment but im just a little nervouse about sending money with out seeing pics but its a good price . He sent me his adress and everything

what would you guys do ?
i keep asking but he says he has no camera and no camera phone
Sounds very suspicious to me. If you could go over and see the squirrels before handing over the money, that is one thing but if this is long distance, not good.
I would check his feedback, pictures are important in advertising however just because he has pictures does not necessarily mean they are his to begin with. Even if he has friends with a camera or camera phone doesn't mean they would let him use it or he would even ask (some people don't like to borrow things, I'm one of those, if i use it i'd like to buy it myself).

If he has good feedback, or is a well known guy that is considered trustworthy i don't see why not. He gave you his address, phone number, and didn't try to pull out a fake photo at least. Not to mention with the phone you probably have his real name too, so if he did scam you... Well, it wouldn't be extremely hard to call the law and see what they can do.
If you have talked with him on the phone etc, it is likeliest (tho no guarantee) that he is at least reasonably on the up-and-up, in terms of actually possessing 3 squirrels to sell. There really *are* people without access to a camera, of course

However, I would not personally fork over money for animals sight-unseen unless I was going to be OK with having them be in poor health, messed-up, or not the species/sex/age that was advertised. These aren't things you can set your heart on taking someone's word for, because everyone has different opinions about what counts as healthy, different people notice differnt things, some people are more educated about recognizing an animal's species/sex/age than other people are, etc etc.

So it depends on how you'd feel about having them delivered and being injured, ill, not what you thought you were buying, etc.

Good luck, have fun,


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