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    Here is my situation and I am looking for input.

    I have 3 runs. 1 40x40 with a 8x12 coop with 8 roosting bars. In this run is 12 birds a mix of welies and mutt wyandottes. These birds free range on about an acre all day every day.

    The next pen is 50x50 with 44 3 month old orps, naked necks and silver lace. They have 2 large coops join with a walk thru and two doors. These birds are getting big and need to hit the range.

    The 3rd run is a large banty run and they do not like to leave it.

    Here is the question. Would you just open the pen and let all the birds free range together? They have grown up with an adjoining wall of chicken wire so they all know each other. What will the young ones do at dark, go back to their own pen or follow the older Willie's and mitts? I do not think to much fighting will occur but nor am I sure 56 birds will all fit in one coop? Maybe... Or would you split the pasture?

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    I have a similar set up with banties and large fowl but don't really free range them anymore. Two large pens in other words.

    The bantams don't like the large fowl coming into their pen, which I do allow occasionally, so I don't have to mow it.

    The important thing that I do is to put a concrete block in the doorway of the banty shed so that only banties fit in the door. The large fowl then can't eat their food and keep them from the feeder (or get in their nestboxes).

    So, if your banties' food is safe you might try it. Watch for bullying and separate if that occurs. My bantams can actually fly out if they want but they like their pen and stay in most of the time. They get frustrated if they fly out and pace the fence trying to remember how to get back in.
    They all go to their own coops at night. My bantams in the past didn't like free ranging when given the chance - far from the coop. But they do like to just wander a bit beyond the gate for fun - I let them do that now and then even now for a few minutes - but I don't call that really free ranging LOL.

    Oh- just wanted to mention that I LOVE Mt. Shasta. What a wonderful place.
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